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We take the time to get to know your eye care history and health. Our holistic approach to eye care ensures that you get the best possible care, advice and options for your vision needs. With years of outstanding service in the Edmonton community, our optometrist, Dr. Barry C. Nolt has a reputation for excellence. From our eye clinic in Edmonton we provide optometry and eye exam services to Redwater, Jasper and Hinton.

Eye Doctor in Edmonton, Jasper & Redwater

Better vision has a direct impact on your quality of life. Only you can ensure that your eyes are in good health by taking time for regular vision check-ups with an eye doctor. Our state of the art equipment and comprehensive eye exams in Edmonton are among the best you will find, designed to go far beyond simple prescription writing (although we do write and fill eyeglass prescriptions!). Early detection and treatment of eye disease are critical for long term vision health.

Q&A with Dr. Barry Nolt

Dr. Barry Nolt Answers Your Eye Care Questions

What type of surgery is LASIK surgery?

Dr. Barry Nolt Responds:LASIK is surgery done with a laser that works by reshaping the cornea. After the cornea is reshaped, light can be properly focused on the retina, which is located in the back of the eye. The misfocused light is what causes vision distortions..

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Shooters Optometrist

The SHOOTERS Optometrist is your only one-stop shooters sports glasses store!

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When 20/20 Vision isn’t Enough For Your Child

Since studies show that learning is 80% visual, children with untreated vision problems can really suffer when it comes to school. Most people think that good “vision” means 20/20 acuity but in reality, vision is much more complex.  Your brain is actually what completes the processing of the visual world...

Cutting Edge Eye-dentification

We have all seen the futuristic thrillers that use high-tech eye scanning identification systems but nowadays the technology does exist to use them in real life. A greater number of high security establishments have begun to use iris recognition for identification and security systems.   How does it work? The...

Innovations in Color Blindness

There have been a lot of videos going viral lately of color blind people “seeing color” for the first time using specialized glasses. The emotional reactions of amazement, shock and joy even lead some to break down into tears. The glasses provide these individuals a way to view the world...

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