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Latisse: Your Ticket to Thicker Eyelashes!

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Do you love the rich, dramatic look of dark and full eyelashes? Luscious sweeping eyelashes are a constant on the beauty scene, always enjoying status as the height of fashion. If your lashes are naturally sparse or have been thinning over time, It’s time to try Latisse.

While false eyelashes and mascara help create an illusion of thickness, there is no replacement for growing your own long and full set of lashes. Latisse can help with this. Visit Dr. Barry Nolt, our eye doctor near you to ask about Latisse in Edmonton.

Intro to Latisse

Latisse is a liquid prescription-strength topical solution that stimulates the eyelash follicles. After about four weeks, this eyelash treatment generally leads to longer, darker, and thicker eyelashes. Improvement is noticed gradually, and full results are typically seen by 16 weeks.

Your normal eyelashes take 1-2 months to reach their full length. At this stage, they “rest”, before falling out. Latisse extends the growth phase of eyelashes, so that they continue growing and also fall out at a slower rate. This is the secret behind longer and fuller eyelashes with Latisse.

Latisse is the one and only FDA-approved product that has been clinically proven to cause thicker, longer, and darker eyelashes. The active ingredient is bimatoprost, which is responsible for prolonging the growth phase of your lashes. If you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes will return to their normal growth pattern within a few months.

Applying Latisse is Easy

After you remove your makeup and take out your contact lenses, use the single-use applicator given in your Latisse eyelash treatment kit to apply a drop of solution onto your upper lash line. This is the spot where your eyelashes emerge from the skin. Do not apply Latisse to the lower lash line, and do not use Latisse more than once a day.

Cost of Latisse in Edmonton

A full Latisse eyelash treatment currently costs $179 (reduced from $199) from our eye doctor near you. This kit will last about 8-10 weeks.

Safety of Latisse

A few side effects may be experienced with Latisse:

  • Redness in your eyes and on your eyelids
  • Darkening of the skin around your eye (this is reversible)
  • Stimulation of hair growth on the face, if you consistently allow Latisse to drip down the face (this can be prevented by always blotting excess with a tissue)
  • Temporary itching in the eyes (rare)

For more information about possible side effects and safety issues of Latisse, visit our Edmonton eye doctor for a consultation.

Qualifying for Latisse

Before you start on your journey to thicker eyelashes, you’ll need to visit our office for a thorough eye exam, including an intraocular pressure measurement. It is important to first rule out any eyelid disorders and other ocular health conditions. Once we determine that you’re a good candidate, our optometrist will issue a prescription for Latisse eyelash treatment – and your new, luscious lashes will be only weeks away!