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Rudy Project

Rudy Project Eyewear Now Available in our Edmonton Office

Winter Sports

Whatever your sport this winter, enhance your performance and experience with the award winning technology Rudy Project incorporates into its winter sports eyewear. Their superior quality goggles, sunglasses and gear always come with these guarantees:

  • Ergonomic design provides the perfect fit and total comfort system. All eyewear have adjustable temple arms and nosepiece systems.
  • For sports that bring you to speeds that require clear vision and no-fogging, their technically superior ventilation system is supreme.
  • Most models include interchangeable lenses, which help provide perfect vision in most any environment
  • Kynetium, grilamid, carbon and titanium are some of the innovative materials used, which, along with an open frame design, provide you with super lightweight eyewear
  • Photoclear lenses enable you optimal vision and shielding of UV ray reflections on snow
  • Specially designed ski goggles protect from the cold and the air


Schedule an appointment today or call our office to find out more!

Don’t forget to ask us about the 3 Year frame warranty, and the lifetime replacement lens guarantee.