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We are located in downtown Edmonton the corner of 105th St. & Jasper Ave.

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Shooting Glasses

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Dr. Barry C. Nolt: The Shooters Optometrist

Looking for an eye care expert that knows the products and advice you need for shooting? Dr. Barry Nolt runs your only one-stop shooters sports glasses store, located in Downtown Edmonton, and proudly serving Redwater and Hinton.

Dr. Nolt Knows Shooting Needs Firsthand

Dr. Nolt understands your shooting needs from personal experience. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast and shooting sportsman, enjoying clay pigeon games, upland game hunting, waterfowl pass shooting, and big game. He also enjoys salmon fishing and often visits remote areas such as Vancouver Island, Queen Charlotte Islands, Northern British Columbia and Alaska.

Dr. Barry Nolt's educational background in optics and physiology of the human eye, coupled with his outdoor experience can give you an objective idea on how your glasses and scopes work under real field conditions.

Dr. Nolt has several articles published in outdoor magazines and newsletters, and also has field tested products such as rifle scopes, binoculars, laser sights, red dot systems and outdoor safety eyewear.


Shooting Articles by Dr. Nolt

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We are located in downtown Edmonton on the corner of 105th St. & Jasper Ave.

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Call Us 780-423-2177